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Spectrum FSG

The two most common issues in surveillance are poor image quality in low light and frequent false alarms. A thermal-imaging camera gets around the first issue by using infrared instead of visible light, enabling it to see objects in any weather or light conditions. It also vastly reduces false alarms thanks to the high-contrast picture.

One key drawback of thermal imaging over a visible-light CCTV system is the lack of detail that can make identification difficult. At Spectrum FSG, we’re able to offer the best of both technologies by combining them in a single camera.

We can also integrate your new thermal-imaging system with other security solutions, such as motion detection and CCTV, to create a multifaceted security system that works together seamlessly.

After completion of the project, our team of highly trained engineers will be on hand to provide any support you might need to keep your new thermal-imaging system running smoothly.

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