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Spectrum FSG

With the need to limit and control access to sensitive data and specific areas within the workplace, having a correctly designed access control system is a requirement that has become a vital part in today’s business world.

Access control will allow the safe movement of authorised employees, visitors, contractors etc, throughout the workplace; while also helping prevent loss of stock and personal possessions and keeping sensitive information safe. It can also be used alongside vehicle barriers, to control vehicular traffic to and from a site, whilst allowing the same ID token to be used to grant users access to and from the premises.

With an access control solution designed and installed by Spectrum FSG, you have the ability to have a tailor-made system using the latest access control technologies ranging from smart card / token applications to feature-rich biometric systems, all of which are scalable, flexible and easy to use.

Our work doesn’t stop once your system is up and running. Spectrum FSG’s specially trained engineers provide an expert maintenance and support service to ensure the smooth operation of your access control system long into the future.

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